Sarah Powell Gidding’s ( 1847–1927) narrative of trauma and conspiracy was self published in 1899, from Enosburgh, Vt. Her father’s family farm was in Highgate, Vt. This land was acquired by Ira Allen during the revolutionary war era. Green Mountain Boy, Ira Allen, served as negotiator between European settlers and native peoples. Small cabins were available for pioneers to rent at just $1 a month. This advertising was intended to draw a community to the border area; that was primarily populated by Dutch, French, and English homes.

Her self publication was part of an effort to inform about her abuse by local masonic perpetrators.

There appears to be multiple Sarah Jane Powell records within the family. This is another method of easily controlling a woman who is trafficked. Multiple family records and the hypnotized victim create a false record to establish documentation that allows for isolation and further victimization.