Sarah Powell Gidding’s ( 1847–1927) narrative of trauma and conspiracy was self published in 1899, from Enosburgh, Vt. Her father’s family farm was in Highgate, Vt. This land was acquired by Ira Allen during the revolutionary war era. Green Mountain Boy, Ira Allen, served as negotiator between European settlers and native peoples. Small cabins were available for pioneers to rent at just $1 a month. This advertising was intended to draw a community to the border area; that was primarily populated by Dutch, French, and English homes.

Her self publication was part of an effort to inform about her…

Making your own digital-art portfolio is a matter of following a few basic steps. First, you’ll need to produce photographic images of your art. Consider presentation and lighting and compose photographs with an attention to detail, paying attention to such elements as background, perspective and place in a series.

When collecting the art pieces you want to include in your portfolio, group them according to categories that are easy to sort, such as landscapes, portraiture, and three-dimensional versus two-dimensional. Consider how you wish the viewer to progress through the portfolio. …

What he was told was his mother had run off with another man.

What was true was that, her lover was a little thief. The little thief stole from partners in his father’s gun trade. The Chicago gun trade renegotiated new territories, as southern slaves arrived, labor for more rails. Western labor that smelled of patriarch and violence.

The little thief took liberties from these men with money. He told stories about trades he’d bartered in the west. Trades to be made without money, or pride. Without Zephyr’s father to protect her, his mother was kidnapped, held for bait. Her…

By Amie Comeau, eHow Contributor 1/18/2014

Nutrition and physical activities are the focus of the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on childhood obesity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed school policies and programs to directly address the dramatic increase in childhood obesity. The goal of these programs is to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure among youth. “The prevalence of obesity among children aged 6 to 11 years increased from 6.5% in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008. The prevalence of obesity among adolescents aged 12 to 19 years increased from 5.0% to 18.1%,” according to a study…

By Amie Comeau, eHow Contributor 1/8/2014

Take a needs assessment with current input from the community regarding perceived danger of substance abuse. The initial screening from community members by the coalition provides key prevention priorities, such as alcohol, marijuana, or pain medication. Quantitative data includes surveys and attendance records. Qualitative data includes interviews and focus groups. Both data sources should be included in the assessment process.
Collect any evaluation information available from prior assessments.

The evaluation of a community coalition working in substance abuse prevention is a process involving assessment, capacity building, planning, implementation and reassessment. The reassessment phase can…

Native Plants Reduce Carbon Emissions: Clean Energy

Amie Comeau, Yahoo Contributor Network May 6, 2010

Native plants provide the most feasible solution to reducing carbon emissions. The largest contributor to carbon emissions is the destruction of natural habitat for industry. Carbon emission reduction is a priority for fighting climate change. Lawn care wastes more energy and water than fostering a native plant garden. Other issues with garden landscaping include the introduction of invasive species which can suffocate the diversity of species on your property.

Carbon Reduction
Carbon emissions are created by industry, transportation and fossil fuels that release CO2, which becomes trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming…

Amie Comeau, Yahoo Contributor Network

Apr 7, 2014

What is internalized racism? One definition, from Susan Lipsky states, “ (Internalized Racism)…gives rise to patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that result in discriminating, minimizing, criticizing, finding fault, invalidating, and hating oneself while simultaneously valuing the dominant culture.” According to this definition, dispelling racism from one’s own thinking is the priority for social justice and equality. Reflection on how we make choices, then act on those choices, is a difficult process. What’s apparent is that any expectation for the dominant culture to end racism never provides the intended result of equal pay, for equal work. Minority cultures in America…

Amie Comeau, Yahoo Contributor Network Feb 15, 2014
Why create your own corner library, or Little Free Library? Engaging youth in reading prepares them as critical thinkers. Books harness our capacity to question the world around us. Readers are problem solvers. Secondly, everyone loves a surprise. When you find an unread book, by your favorite author, in your little free library expect reciprocity. Sharing knowledge, opening the door to new relationships is the best result of any community effort.

Any registered little free library complies with the motto Take a Book, Leave a Book. Why are these guerrilla literacy tactics…

Go Green | Green Tips

Heirloom Seeds

The problem of organic labeling requirements is based in food safety. Seeds of Corruption, written by Mary Zhou states; “No matter how short the duration of the Monsanto Protection Act, the fact that it was passed at all affirms Monsanto’s status as a GMO giant that needs to be held accountable for its actions. Congress’s ignorance combined with Monsanto’s increasing economic prowess should be fair warning to us as consumers- that we are no longer in control of what we consume.” Is labeling enough for preserving the biodiversity of food? Community gardens simply…

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